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Food & Wine Launching "The People's Best New Chef" Award

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More popularity contests! Food & Wine magazine is adding a populist bent to its annual Best New Chef awards: While the mag's prestigious BNC award-winners are decided by editors (like Dana Cowin) each year, 2011 marks the debut of another award called "The People's Best New Chef," to be decided upon via... online voting! (Like the Hottest Chef contest, only, you know, legit.) F&W editors pre-selected 100 chefs in 10 regional categories, and the nominees can begin garnering votes over at Eatocracy, CNN's food website, beginning tomorrow, February 15.

The full list of chefs will also be released tomorrow, but as some chefs nationally have already spilled the beans about their inclusion, we've heard some rumbling from local folks that Chris DiMinno (Clyde Common), Greg Gourdet (Departure), and Jake Martin (Fenouil) are among Portland's reps in the NW division. More at Eater National.
· F&W to Launch "The People's Best New Chef" [-E-]

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