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Patton Oswalt Sees Tweets, Shows Up at PDX Food Cart

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Behold the power of the tweet. Downtown food cart owners Lisa and Brian Wood just witnessed what happens when you combine hashtags, hunger and a little thing called fame.

"We posted on Twitter in the morning that we wanted tickets for comic Patton Oswalt's Saturday show and that we'd trade [our] Big Ass Sandwiches for a pair," says Lisa. "Our [Twitter] followers jumped in, started telling him to eat there. Right before we closed a car pulls up, Patton gets out, asks "who's Lisa?" I say "me" and he offers us tickets."

So what did the silly guy eat? "We offered him a sandwich and...he really wanted one but had a food related meeting so he couldn't eat. We invited him to come tonight after his show and we'd feed him."
Image of Patton Oswalt courtesy Big Ass Sandwiches
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