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Portland's Hottest Chef, Round 4: Garrett, Molatore, Simpson, Cafiero, Anderson

Now it's getting serious. It seems that some of you were perhaps a little overly excited about voting yesterday — casting more than 6,000 votes and debating with more than 35 comments — but now that the dust has settled, Ellen Green has come out on top by six votes. We've got our eye on allegations of ballot-stuffing across the board, so stay tuned, folks.

But first, onto today's heat: Heather Molatore (of Milwaukie's DaVinci Ristorante) goes up against short-shorts-lovin' Andrew Garrett (Mother's Bistro), David Anderson (Genoa), Garrett Simpson (Screen Door), and globe-trotting Anthony Cafiero (Tabla). Let's keep in clean this time.

Edited to add: You'll have til noon tomorrow (Saturday) to cast those ballots; voting does not go through the weekend.

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