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Game On! Scoring Super Bowl Munchie & Take-Out Options

Want to grab some grub during the Super Bowl, but not reduce your game-day options to soggy hoagies, cheesy taco chips, and whatever the hell this thing to the right is? Here are a few options worth tackling at local watering holes and dining halls.

NORTHEAST: Eastside sports bar Spirit of 77 is offering a "special menu" from 1pm-9 pm with eats that include a toasted ravioli with short rib and pork belly, a Wisconsin cheddar and beef sandwich and hush puppy corn dogs. More details online here.

DIVISION/CLINTON: Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House is apparently an official Steelers (Stillerz!) bar, and starting at 2pm, they'll dish out a "classic Western Pennsylvania menu" featuring pierogis, and Primanti Bros. pastrami, turkey Devonshire, and Kielbasa sandwiches. Better wear black and gold.

N. KILLINGSWORTH: Saraveza is a Packers enclave all the way, so for its team's big day, the bar will begin tailgating on the sidewalk (cooking up brats, burgers, and deep fried cheese curds) beginning at 11am. When the game starts, the party moves inside, where two new projection screens are set up: Also, at halftime, there's something called a "meat raffle." Amazing.

CENTRAL EASTSIDE INDUSTRIAL: Produce Row is putting the game on the big screen.outside. ProRow's new completely covered heated patio boasts a beyond big-screen and a sufficient sound system; game-watchers are politely asked to bring an appetite, as "a substantial (tasty) assortment of snacks will be provided." Read more on Facebook here:Produce Row Patio Superbowl Shenanigans

NORTHWEST: Family-friendly football and food is on the menu at Kenny & Zuke's Northwest outlet SandwichWorks. Stuff a giant pickle, giant deli sandwich, tasty cheeseburger slider ($2.50 each), or delish hot dog (one-buck off) in your mouth as you watch the game on the 50-inch big screen.

VANCOUVER: Across the Columbia, Lapellah is offering $10 Super Bowl snacks to-go, including spicy chicken wings smothered in chef Dave Mork's barrel-aged spicy honey hot sauce and Carlton Farms glazed pork ribs. Each $10 order comes with one jalapeno cheddar biscuit and a choice of cole slaw or macaroni and cheese. To get your eats by game time, place orders at 360-828-7911 by noon on Sunday.

E. BURNSIDE: On game day, Sizzle Pie is offering a Super Bowl takeout special: A large cheese or vegan "Spiral Tap" pizza, plus a six pack of Old German, will set you back $20. If you wish to dine in, the usual weekend brunch special (a slice of breakfast pie and booze) will still be available.

Spirit of 77

500 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, , OR 97232 (503) 232-9977 Visit Website

Sizzle Pie

624 E Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214 503 234 7437 Visit Website