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Kettleman Bagels NE, Bang Rak, Love Via Crepes All Open

Image of Kettleman NE courtesy Katie Brown

A flurry of recent openings to report:

NORTHEAST: The newest outpost of the Kettleman Bagel Company has debuted in Irvington, at NE 22nd and Broadway. The spot marks Kettleman's presence in all four quadrants (other bagel shops stand in SE, NW, and SW), and another location in Raleigh Hills will be opening soon.

N. MISSISSIPPI: Tipsters report that a new restaurant has already debuted in the Lovely Hula Hands/Zhab Zhab space (we reported the latter's shutter late last week). In the quickest turnaround ever, Thai spot Bang Rak opened Friday; according to one tipster, the decor inside looks similar of not identical to that of Zhab Zhab.

NORTHWEST: Japanese crepe shop Love Via Crepes has opened on NW 23rd and Lovejoy, featuring both sweet and savory options served up like the "traditional" street food: wrapped up in a cone, with the toppings rolled up and shoved inside.