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Greg Gourdet's Sexy Salon at Departure Restaurant

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Chef Greg Gourdet (right) hosted a salon/industry night at Departure Restaurant & Lounge high atop the Nines Hotel on Monday. But in fact is, it really was more of a "hottest chefs in Portland" affair: That's due in large part to the number of "contestants" in Eater PDX's recent contest that attended the ever-so-exclusive event including Andrew Garrett, 23 Hoyt's Amber Webster, Genoa's Daniel Mondok and the big local winner, Blossoming Lotus chef Wes Hannah.

There were plenty of other hot folks there to dine on Gourdet's buffet of Asian-inspired nibbles and drinks including Portland Culinary Alliance's Andrea Slonecker event planner Mike Thelin and and Yelp helper Don Bourassa.
· For more photos of PDX's finest, check out Byron Beck's photos here. []


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