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Scott Dolich Reveals Bent Brick Details: It's a Tavern!

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Image of the soon-to-be Bent Brick jimbo a. via Yelp

The upcoming second project from Park Kitchen chef/owner Scott Dolich will be a tavern, dubbed the Bent Brick as a tribute to its brick building on NW Marshall Street. "We definitely want it to be perceived as a bar, as a tavern — not as a restaurant," Dolich exclusively tells Eater. To differentiate the Bent Brick from Park Kitchen, Dolich will play with a more concise menu, intentionally looking at a smaller, locally produced ingredient set and cutting out some citrusy PK staples for a change of pace.

"Park Kitchen can have a distinctively Mediterranean swing to it... we have a serious acid bend here at Park Kitchen," Dolich says. "The Bent Brick is going to be different in that respect — we're going to try to really limit our scope of all of our ingredients." The menu will simply be a list of plates, with no designation between "small" and "large," with dessert options pared down to two selections (as opposed to PK's half-dozen). But don't expect straightforward pub grub — Dolich promises the menu will be a little more twisted. "Park Kitchen may end up being a more familiar format and more easy to like — we'll see," Dolich says. "I'm excited about it because we haven't really thought about extending that local umbrella to everything."

At the bar, the Bent Brick will feature a "more extensive" tap list, with a completely different liquor selection than at PK.

While Dolich focuses his attentions on the new project, longtime Dolich collaborator and Park Kitchen chef de cuisine David Padberg will take over the PK kitchen, keeping the restaurant's familiar ethos but "with a little room to swing in the middle" with experiments. "I would like to really refine the idea of focusing on our speciality ingredients and our local suppliers that bring us the great product," Padberg says. "Over the last few years, we've refined a really nice repertoire of using these ingredients and capturing those little pockets of six weeks where we have something special to work with. Being able to highlight those times is something I think I'm really going to be working on this year."

Along with Dolich, current PK sous chef Will Preisch will make the move to Bent Brick, stepping into a chef role. Projected opening date for the new tavern: Sometime this summer.
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The Bent Brick

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