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Oregonian Names Michael Russell Restaurant Reporter/Critic

Breaking news: Print journalism isn't dead. Oregonian A&E editor DeAnn Welker, who handles food and dining coverage under the Arts & Entertainment umbrella, announced today that breaking news reporter Michael Russell has been named restaurant reporter and critic, a new full-time position that will focus on the local dining scene. Russell, who's been with the paper since 2006, officially steps into the role in late April, though just this week he broke the news about an impending lawsuit against Micah Camden over the popular Little Big Burger concept.

A brief introduction by the Oregonian notes that Russell, who will join current reviewers David Sarasohn, Michael C. Zusman, and Grant Butler, has spent considerable time in the service industry, "including stints as a server, barista, cook, and bartender." Welcome to the fray!
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