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Tails & Trotters (& Retail Store) Will Continue Sans Brownlow

Over the weekend, the Facebooks fluttered with rumors of brewing trouble at pork purveyors Tails & Trotters: Partner Morgan Brownlow posted Eater PDX's page March 25 that "As of today, Aaron Silverman 34% owner of Tails and Trotters thought he had the legal right to cease production..." (other cryptic Facebook messages on T&T's official page have disappeared.) And earlier this week, Brownlow (of Clarklewis fame) confirmed that the partnership had dissolved amicably, "with my hope they continue the dream," he told Eater. "And I have confidence they will follow that dream."

Today, the official statement from Aaron Silverman confirms that T&T will indeed continue, with plans for the T&T retail store still in the works:

Morgan Brownlow has decided to leave Tails & Trotters. We thank Morgan for all his hard work in helping to make Tails & Trotters pork one of the most unique and delicious products in the Northwest. We wish Morgan the best in the future and hope that we all can enjoy his culinary talents in his next endeavor. Tails & Trotters founder Aaron Silverman and partner Mark Cockcroft are fully committed to continuing forward and growing our business. We will continue to offer our fantastic hazelnut-finished fresh pork, sausages and hams to area restaurants, select retail markets and individual customers. We also look forward to the introduction of our new line of cured products soon at the PSU and Buckman Farmer's Markets, and the opening of our butchery store later in the year. Thanks for your support and happy eating.

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