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French Bistro Cocotte Set to Debut on NE Killingsworth

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[Jones, 3/7/11]

The space that once housed Micah Camden's gastropub Fats has gotten much more svelte and sexy: Cocotte, a Parisian-inspired bistro by Kat Liebman, Zoe Hackett, and Levi Hackett, officially opens for dinner this evening, sporting a major makeover that transitions from the spot's British roots to something a little more vintage Francophile. Gone are Fats' wall of old-timey telephones and wall-length mirror; in their place come vintage windows-turned-mirrors, clusters of framed prints, a pressed-tin border near the ceiling, and a handmade vertical garden (in addition to charming touches like a rounded watering can, hanging at the ready).

After a series of soft opening dinners last week, Liebman (a Lucy's Table alum) is set to debut a French-meets-Northwest menu tonight, including a namesake dish featuring chicken and root veggies simmering in a cocotte. Regular hours will feature a 5pm opening Tuesday-Saturday, with weekend brunch coming soon.
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