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Let's Give a Warm Pacific Northwest Welcome to Eater Seattle!

It's always a pleasure to announce a new member of the Eater universe, but we're especially stoked that our newest satellite also represents the Pacific Northwest: Please put your hands together for Eater Seattle!

As expected, Eater Seattle will serve as the go-to site for extensive coverage of the restaurant, nightlife, and bar scene of the Emerald City, and in another awesome tidbit, it's headed by former Seattlest editor Allecia Vermillion, who just happens to be a Portland native. In the upcoming weeks, expect some cross-pollination as we team up with our big sister to the north for some coverage that'll have you itching to hop onto I-5 (and probs bring more Seattlites down to PDX. Sorry).

In the meantime, be a dear and send along your hellos, Seattle-related tips, and general welcomes reminding Seattle that in the Eater universe at least, we were here first (don't really do that). This will be fun.