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The Country Cat's Adam Sappington Loves Dot's Cafe

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Portland is home to a lot of restaurants, and though certain spots generate all the buzz, there are tons of hidden gems that the majority of Portlanders — ourselves included — just aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food luminaries to share with us their under-the-radar recommendations for a weekly feature dubbed Dining Confidential.


The Country Cat's Adam Sappington is known as an overall-wearin', pig-butcherin' meat guy, so you might be surprised when you learn about his favorite sandwich in the city:

"My favorite place, no question, is Dot's Cafe on 25th and SE Clinton. I've been going since I moved to PDX, oh god, that was 17 years ago. It has a cool retro vibe and I adore the girls who work there. At this point, we could all be family. They know my kids and I know theirs. Dot's has the best effing sandwich in the city — the Vegan Deluxe with hummus, sautéed spinach, mushrooms and caramelized onions on rye. It's perfect. If I don't go for the deluxe, I order the bacon cheeseburger and a large fries with ranch and hot sauce. Rainier pounders used to go for a buck, but now it's a PBR. I definitely go there more than any other restaurant in the city."
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Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar

7937 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97215 Visit Website

Dot's Cafe

2521 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202

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