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Burgers By the Numbers: Counting Camden's Little Big Burgers

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Have you ever wondered how much work — or meat — goes into running a successful burger joint? We asked some of the busier burger-slingers around town to crunch some numbers and reveal just how much goes into a day-long operation. First up: Micah Camden's hyper-popular (and ever-expanding) Little Big Burger, which keeps things focused on the burger by offering just three options: Classic, cheesed, and veggie.

According to co-owner Katie Poppe, the LBB Pearl location serves, on average, between 800-1,000 burgers per day. So what's that total in terms of pounds of beef, cheese, and potatoes?

On an average day, LBB's Pearl location goes through:
- 200-250 lbs. beef
- 40-50 lbs. of cheese (The most popular cheeseburger order is tied between chevre and cheddar... "although my new fave," Poppe says, "is Swiss with extra Swiss.")
- 300 lbs. of potatoes for French fries
- 20 lbs. of assorted vegetables
- 800-1,000 buns, which are especially made for LBB by Portland French Bakery

Extra tidbits:
- About 120 veggie burgers are served daily
- Camden's famous sriracha-infused Catsup is currently made every day in-house — bottles are filled fresh every morning — but according to Poppe, "we are near completion of setting up a distribution factory for in-store, online and grocery store sales."

And the numbers are bound to at least double when the spot's anticipated N. Mississippi location opens on June 1.
· Little Big Burger [Official site]

Little Big Burger

122 NW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 Visit Website

Little Big Burger

122 NW 10th Ave., Portland, OR

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