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Cast Your Vote For North Portland's Best Cart Burger

Our quest to find Portland' Favorite Food Cart Burger continues. In case you missed round one, we've drawn the battle lines across town, and a dozen burger-serving carts will rep their 'hoods — Downtown/SW, Northeast, North Portland, and Southeast — in a territorial contest to name each neighborhood's best. In yesterday's battle for downtown, Happy Grillmore emerged as the winner, in somewhat of an upset against DC Vegetarian and Brunch Box.

Up today: North Portland (FYI, we used the north-south border of N. Williams Ave to differentiate North and NE PDX). And this heat's a doozy, pitting the stuffed creations by Lucy's Original vs. the build-your-own Burgatroyd (the burgers formerly known as Garden State, btw) vs. the steamed cheeseburgers of Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

Poll results