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Vote for Northeast Portland's Best Food Cart Burger

It's time for the final heat to crown Portland's Favorite Food Cart Burger (which has drawn the battle lines across town, allowing a dozen burger-serving carts to rep their 'hoods — Downtown/SW, Northeast, North Portland, and Southeast — in a territorial contest to name each neighborhood's best).

Earlier today, we kicked off the Southeast PDX contest, which pits Rollin' Etta (the Violetta truck) against the totally vegan- and vegetarian Off the Griddle against the wild-game meats of Over the Top.

And now, in the final contest, just two spots will battle it out for the Northeast title: Burgers or Bust and the Grilled Cheese Grill.
Polls for both SE and NE will close tomorrow at 9am, so we can prep for the citywide contest that will put today's winners against the champs from rounds one and two: Happy Grillmore and Lucy's Original. Stay tuned.

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