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Inside Downtown's YOLO Lounge, Opening Tonight

[Photography by Tim Roth, 4/28/11]

The former Invasion Nightclub space welcomes YOLO Lounge (an acronym for "You Only Live Once"), a 5,000-square-foot upscale nightclub and lounge that plans to provide downtown PDX with both "the scene and cuisine," featuring a menu heavy on Pan-Asian-inspired small plates.

As far as the "scene," YOLO features about 75 seats scattered at the bar, lounge, and restaurants, and in true lounge style, the back rooms and upstairs remain mostly dark, with chandeliers lighting the front dining space and bar (which features, as its focal point, a giant installation that vaguely reminds Eater of this). YOLO officially opens tonight with a limited food and drink menu; its "grand opening" — which will reveal three completed bars and a remodeled frontage, is scheduled for early June.
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