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Fry Day Friday: Breaking Down Potato Champion's Sauces

In honor of Burger Week's sexy cousin Fry Day Friday (see what we did there?), we went to Portland's famous fry shack Potato Champion to talk not about the potatoes themselves, but the dipping sauces available for your dunking pleasure.


[DeJesus, 4/28/11]

Cartopia's Potato Champion fries up Belgian-style pommes frites (twice-fried and served in a paper cone, natch) — but because those American palates are unwilling to settle for just mayo as the dipping sauce of choice, PC offers up to 20 different kinds of sauces, nearly all made in-house. Whether you prefer the dunk-it-yourself method or the grab-a-fork options (we're lookin' at you, poutine), we visited the cart on a random Thursday to break down a dozen dippers.


1. Fries sauce: The most traditional of dippers, it's mayo that PC imports from Belgium.
2. Harissa: PC makes its own version of the N. African/Moroccan sauce by combining mayonnaise with house-roasted (then smoked) peppers.
3. Wasabi mayonnaise: Self-explanatory, ja?
4. Curry sauce: PC mixes mayo with pineapple curry.
5. Vegan chipotle mayo: Mixes vegannaise with house-roasted peppers.
6. Rosemary truffle ketchup: Fresh tomatoes are pulverized along with rosemary and truffle oil.
7. Curry ketchup: The only ketchup available that isn't made in house, PC takes Heinz ketchup PC mixes its in-house ketchup with a made-in-house curry spice blend.
8. Veganaise: Straight-up.
9. Bourbon honey mustard: Made in-house with Kentucky bourbon.
10. Horseradish ketchup: Fresh tomatoes meet ground horseradish.
11. Buttermilk ranch: House-made ranch featuring a hint of dill.
12. Banana ketchup: Inspired by Cuban flavors, it combines the house-made ketchup with a touch of sweetness.

· Potato Champion [Official site]

Potato Champion

1207 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, , OR 97214 Visit Website

Potato Champion

SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR