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Cafe Castagna's Lunch; Andina's Confluencias Dinner; Toro & Tasty's Anniversary

SOUTHEAST: Told you so! Cafe Castagna announced that its lamented lost lunch service has been resurrected, beginning today. From here on out, the sister restaurant to Matt Lightner's Castagna will serve the midday meal Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30am to 2pm.

PEARL DISTRICT: Peruvian cuisine boasts its share of ethic influences, and the Pearl's Andina lays 'em bare during a five-course "Confluencias" dinner (translation: the coming together of people or things) on Monday, May 16. Chef Hank Costello will highlight the cuisine's Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and pre-colonial roots with two tapas representing each influence, featuring bites like sashimi-style octopus with a sesame-passion fruit salsa, empanadas de carne, and roasted duck and purple corn tamales. The $75 dinner includes wine pairings with each course; reservations suggested.

N. WILLIAMS: Chef John Gorham and company will celebrate multiple anniversaries on Monday, May 16, with a party at year-old Tasty N Sons. The event, which kicks off at 6pm, will feature bites from both Tasty and Toro Bravo (which celebrates its own fourth birthday), while a DJ and cash bar will be available to encourage dancing. The event also celebrates the opening of Tasty's new neighbor, Chop Charcuterie, in what Gorham's dubbing "a triple anniversary party."

Image of Cafe Castagna courtesy cafemama via Flickr

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