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Nine Chefs Bury Pig in Hole During "Spring Pig 2011" Event

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Euphemism alert! This Sunday (May 22), urban farm depot Naomi's Organic Farm Supply plays host to what's being called the Spring Pig 2011, wherein a group of local chefs "bury a pig in a hot hole until it falls off the bone," then excavate it for your eating pleasure (insert your pork joke of choice here). Guest butcher Tray Satterfield (of the PDX Meat Collective) will carve up the pig, while eight local chefs — including Grain & Gristle's Ben Meyer, Cocotte's Kat Liebman, and Bamboo Sushi's Brian Landry — provide the side dishes. (Also on-site for your gorging pleasure: Hopworks, Ristretto Roasters, and Fifty Licks.) Raffle tickets sold at the all-you-can-eat event will benefit for the Portland Farmer's Market's Fresh Exchange program.

The event starts at 3pm on Sunday (the pig will be unearthed at 4pm); tickets available here.
Image of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply courtesy Facebook

Naomi's Farm Supply

2500 SE Tacoma St., Portland OR