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Robert Reynolds Offers Culinary Quickie Classes

Local food scene-sters have likely heard of the numerous chefs who have studied under Robert Reynolds of the Chef Studio in Southeast Portland. If you've wanted to study with him but maybe haven't had the time to forge into the full-time eight-week culinary certification program that is offered, Robert's now serving up a new shorter program called "Four Classes."

Over the course of a month, short-timers will immerse themselves in developing the skills and knowledge to build a new four-course menu each week. With possibilities like goat cheese tarts with whole spring onions, sauteed whitefish with beurre blanc sauce, puree of celery root with apple, spong ecake with cream and berry filling (each paired with wine), "Four Classes" will definitely fill you up as well as enhance your culinary skills.
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2818 SE Pine St. Portland, OR