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Secret Kebab Debuting Downtown Lunch Service Tomorrow

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The shadowy figure known as "The Turk" announced via the Twitterverse that his once delivery-only Secret Kebab will start a pick-up lunch service in the North Park blocks, at NW 8th and Flanders, beginning at 11am tomorrow. Secret Kebab, the brainchild of proprietor and irreverent Twitterer Alparslan Y?lmaz, gained a following earlier this year for its Turkish-style kebobs and falafel (but generated the most buzz thanks to Internet speculation about the Turk's true identity).

So will the Turk be manning the new park side location? Tweets from earlier this month suggest that Y?lmaz has rented a kitchen space at nearby KitchenCru, but that he has "hire new cookman for downtown Secret Kebab" [sic]. Per the Turk's usual unique cadence: "Who will wish the lamb for lunch?! Begins this week you can have north park blocks close on bocce ball field!! BOOM BOOM!!"
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Secret Kebab

NW 8th and NW Flanders Streets, Portland OR

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