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Leather Storrs, Greg Gourdet Rep PDX on Extreme Chef

Image courtesy of the Food Network

Yesterday, the Food Network announced the debut of a new super-extreme show, Extreme Chef, in which chefs are subjected to borderline-insane "extreme conditions!!!" and "unpredictable curveballs!!!" as they prep a dish — like fighting a torrential downpour, dust storm, or using a car engine as a makeshift stove. And a couple familiar faces have popped up in the super-extreme trailer: Departure's Greg Gourdet and Noble Rot's Leather Storrs are among the chefs that have willingly subjected themselves to the Food Network's abuse.

"Let’s just say I got really dirty, sun burnt, had to jump, crawl, dig, got a few bruises and ran a lot... and that was all before I had to cook," Gourdet tells Eater, adding that he shot an episode on-location in California two weeks ago. "I got on the plane home limping!" Storrs and Gourdet are not featured on the same episode, though Storrs gets some major air-time in the trailer, at one point professing his dislike at having to "source produce from a fourth grader."