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OMG Meatopia


Food writer and meat master Josh Ozersky has announced a partial lineup for this year's Meatopia 2011 in New York City, an annual food festival called the "Woodstock of Edible Animals." As previously reported, Beast's Naomi Pomeroy is among the participating chefs, but in an interview with Eater National, Ozersky gives major props to another of Portland's own: "One chef who I think nobody really talks about in Portland — you talk about Portland you usually talk about Gabe Rucker from Le Pigeon and everybody loves Naomi and her foxy sous chef Mika, but there's a guy named Adam Sappington, and he's a true, true master of American vernacular cooking." Click over to Eater National for the full interview and the chance to win some Meatopia tickets. [-E-]