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Picking Rhubarb with the Heathman's "Farm-Chef-Table" Trio

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Introducing a new recurring feature, Market to Menu, in which Eater shadows a chef's trip to the Portland Farmers Market, following the trajectory of Oregon's freshest ingredients from market stall to restaurant plate.

[Avila, 5/25/11]

First up to get the Market to Menu treatment, appropriately enough, are the three chefs behind last night's one-off "Farm to Chef to Table dinner" at the Heathman Restaurant & Bar — Heathman culinary director Philippe Boulot, chef Michael Stanton, and guest chef Brian Sheehser, visiting from Kirkland, WA's Trellis restaurant. The trio hit the South Park Blocks' Shemanski Park market yesterday morning to stock up on ingredients like rhubarb (which made appearances in both Sheehser's wild salmon course and in a rhubarb tart dessert), radishes (also featured on Sheehser's dish), and some fresh flowers, which Eater assumes Boulot used as tabletop decor and not as, you know, food.
· The Heathman Restaurant & Bar [Official site]

The Heathman Restaurant and Bar

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