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Rumors Abound that Duane Sorenson Has Sold Stumptown

A collective Portland freakout is unfolding on Twitter this afternoon as a result of this article by Esquire writer Todd Carmichael, titled Stumptown Sold Out: The End of Stumptown, America's Hippest Coffee Brand. Carmichael's post contained no specifics about the alleged sale of Portland's most famous roaster, but made vague assertions that founder Duane Sorenson sold his company "to the highest bidder," turning it into a "Wall Street-owned roaster."

Cue the media speculation! Stumptown has yet to release an official statement, but sources tell Eater that the rumors are not true (we're still waiting on official confirmation either way). Ben Waterhouse at WWeek does some serious sleuthing, however, to uncover a foreign business corporation filing dating back to April 28 that could suggest otherwise. The rumor has also gained traction on Grub Street New York, which has been enamored with Sorenson's still-kinda-recent NYC expansion.

Like everyone else in town, Eater's watching this one with baited breath. More information as it becomes available.
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