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Fielding Strawberries with Cocotte's Kat Liebman, Zoe Hackett

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Welcome back to Market to Menu, in which Eater shadows a chef's trip to the Portland Farmers Market, following the trajectory of Oregon's freshest ingredients from market stall to restaurant plate.

[Avila, 6/14/11]

In this installment, Eater tails Cocotte's incredibly photogenic duo of Kat Liebman (in blue) and Zoe Hackett (in pink) at the OHSU Farmers Market, where the chefs go to grab some inspiration for the French-meets-Northwest bistro's constantly changing menu. And the spoils, it seems, will make appearances all over the board. The carefully selected porcini mushrooms can be soon found in a mushroom crêpe served with green garlic and cheese filling; the bagged snap peas and watercress will highlight a black cod dish alongside house bacon and shaved fennel. And the equally photogenic case of strawberries will find themselves in two courses: After pickling, they'll go atop a braised shoulder dish (served with a fava bean purée and fresh fava beans), as well as into a strawberry rhubarb compôte served over house-made biscuits — "for a play on strawberry shortcake for dessert," Liebman says.
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