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NW Pub House Opens; New Bar in Rialto Basement; Shake-Up at Deschutes

In a mid-afternoon "Is It Happy Hour Yet?" EaterWire, some booze- and bar-related blurbs:

NORTHWEST: Now certified open in the former Laurelwood Brewpub space on NW 23rd: The Northwest Public House, a brewhouse focused on "organic and sustainable" food. Menu's available here, but more importantly on a day like today: The location has three patios. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: The basement space under downtown's Rialto Poolroom is re-launching as the Jack London Bar, promising a "100% Portland"-like space with ample dancing room — and couches. A grand opening party, scheduled for next Friday, June 17, will feature the serving of a "special meat cake" by Meat a la Mode. [Yelp]

BEND: The beer blogging universe is buzzing with the news that Deschutes Brewing's brewmaster Larry Sidor is stepping down after eight years with the company — though a long-term phase-out means he'll be around until the end of the year. The Bend-based brewery operates a popular pub in the Pearl District. [Beervana]

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