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Indulge Adds "Food CartLand" to Annual LoBu Food Fest

Word came early today that the boozy food-centric fest Indulge @ The Jupiter, in its third year and taking place on Thursday Sept. 22 at the Jupiter Hotel, is in a bit of an expansion mode. Beyond the usual Eastside eatery suspects — Olympic Provisions, Laurelhurst Market, Beaker & Flask among others — new additions this year to the event include a "Food Cart Land" with local food carts like Lardo, Shut Up and Eat, Tamale Boy, Hot Pink Taco and Whiffies representing some street cred, as well as "Wine on the Patio" showcasing a half-dozen wineries and desserts paired to go with all that spirits sipping. It has been indicated that there will be "expanded mingling" too. For those accustomed to scheduling their epic binges two months in advance, tickets are already available at the official site.
· Indulge at the Jupiter [Official site]

Laurelhurst Market

3155 East Burnside Street, , OR 97214 (503) 206-3097 Visit Website

Olympia Provisions

107 Southeast Washington Street, , OR 97214 (503) 954-3663 Visit Website

Indulge at the Jupiter

800 E Burnside Portland, OR