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Scouting Artichokes with Genoa/Accanto's David Anderson

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Welcome back to Market to Menu, in which Eater shadows a chef's trip to the Portland Farmers Market, following the trajectory of Oregon's freshest ingredients from market stall to restaurant plate.

[Avila, 7/27/11]

Chef David Anderson pulls double duty at SE Belmont's sister spots Genoa and Accanto, so unsurprisingly, his trips to the farmer's market are also conducted with two menus in mind. Eater tagged along as Anderson made the trip to buy DeNoble Farms artichokes (for Accanto's artichoke ravioli), as well as to "scout out some stuff for our Thursday Buckman Farmers Market menu," he says. And though "normally I would only get stuff from vendors at Buckman," Anderson says, "I couldn't resist."

In addition to artichokes, Anderson went home with some Sweet Susan peaches from Baird Farms and beans from Gathering Together farms, both of which will be served with a roasted lamb dish on the menu tonight. (Black radishes from DeNoble will be mixed into yogurt sauce for the lamb, as well.) Some late-season strawberries will be featured in a salad at a Soter Vineyards IPNC event later tonight, while peppers from Stephan Farms, cantaloupe from Gala Springs, and radicchio from Spring Hill have yet to find homes. "I'm not too sure yet as to what I'm going to do with them," Anderson says. But "overall, a great haul."
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