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Vancouver, BC-based Burger Chain Expanding into Portland

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Make way for more burgers, folks: The Vancouver, BC-based chain Vera's Burger Shack, which operates 16 locations in BC (and one in Ottawa), has announced plans to open its first two U.S. expansion locations right here in Portland — with one slated for the Pearl District, providing direct competition to red-hot burger chain Little Big Burger.

According to a press release (which does not name the exact location for the new Pearl spot), the Vera's restaurant is "expected to occupy 2,500 square feet" and include a full sit-down bar and self-serve yogurt counter. The Portland expansion is the first in Vera's south-of-the-border swing, which will soon roll-out five restaurants in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Vera's is scheduled to open sometime this fall — any Canadian vacationer been? If so, thoughts welcome in the comments.
· Vera's Burger Shack [Official site]

Image of Vera's downtown Vancouver location courtesy Sherman's Food Adventures