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Inside Salt & Straw's Brick-and-Mortar Shop, Opening Soon

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[Avila, 8/11/11]

And now, and inside look at the Salt & Straw brick-and-mortar location on NE Alberta, in what may be the quickest cart-to-build-out operation, like, ever. Owner Kim Malek (along with her cousin, recipe developer Tyler Malek) started scooping from a temporary cart on NE Alberta in late May, with plans to build into the former ACME Glass building down the street. The results: A wall-length bookshelf that once sat in a Multnomah County Library; salvaged wood along the counter from a barn that shared property with the infamous Oregon State Hospital where One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest was filmed; and a bathroom that's the ultimate in ephemeral design, with wallpaper featuring the postcard collection of an early 1900s Portland resident (found at an estate sale).

The scoop shop opening will also see the debut of new flavors and sundaes, including one inspired by Pok Pok's Andy Ricker (think sticky rice). Salt & Straw's brick-and-mortar is scheduled to open tomorrow: Super-sweet.
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