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"Eco-Friendly" Gemini Lounge Soon to Open on SE Foster

A tipster sends in word about a new bar set to open on SE Foster, just a few blocks down from Foster Burger and An Xuyen Bakery: The Gemini Lounge, which is "committed to supporting local & eco friendly options" (75% of build-out materials have been recycled), will soon debut in a Foster space that's housed Cousin'Z Pizza & Pub and Browns Bar & Grill.

According to the official website, the project, by Seasons Koll (who also owns the Presents of Mind shop on SE Hawthorne), promises gourmet bar food like sliders, speciality fries, salads, and assorted tempura-fried goodness until 2am nightly (or midnight on Sundays). Projected opening date: Early September.
· Gemini Lounge [Official site]

Gemini Lounge

6526 SE Foster Road, Portland OR