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My Daddy's Sausage Likes To Keep It "Between The Buns"

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Welcome back to Unfortunate Signage, a semi-regular feature in which Eater documents some of the plain ol' weirdness that keeps Portland you know what.


In this installment we marvel at the amount of jaw dropping we've noticed as people pass by one of the new-ish food carts located on SW Second Avenue near Mother's Bistro. Not only does "My Daddy's Sausage" have that wonderful adianoeta of a name—in child-like scribbling no less—but it lives by the motto: ""If you can't beat it, eat it." Hmmm...guess that's why some of the menu items have such porn-worthy names as "On The Bed" and "Between The Buns." No word if the Hot Pink Taco truck has any plans to set up shop anywhere nearby.
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My Daddy's Sausage

SW 2nd Ave and Stark St, Portland, OR 97204

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