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BrunchBox Unveils Gut-Busting "Colbert Super MAC" Burger

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Today in stunt food wins: Downtown food cart BrunchBox — home of the Redonkadonk burger, which was named one of the 50 Fattiest Foods in the U.S. in 2010 — has seriously outdone itself with its latest creation. The Colbert Super MAC, named for the leader of the Colbert Nation, honors America with a "belly-busting 'Obamanation' of a burger" — the thing features a half-pound of beef, a quarter pound of bacon, five slices of American cheese, "house-made Freeberty sauce," and six slices of "Rick Parry's Texas-Toast" (which is not a misspelling, but a Colbert Nation in-joke). Puns everywhere!

Even more hilariously, all profits from the burger's sale will be donated to the official Colbert Super PAC. And of course, the burger also has its own official website, and BrunchBox owners have been vying for Colbert's attention via a Twitter campaign. Your move, Stephen.
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Brunch Box

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