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(Wo)Man vs. Dog: Will A Gal Win Weiner Contest Again?

What is it with the Original Dinerant and weiners? They've had "flights" of 'em. They've paired them with suds. But nothing really tops their annual hot-dog eating contest. The 3rd annual scarf-and-barf, "(Wo)man Vs. Dog" takes place this Sunday at 3pm, and the spot has changed the name of the event from previous years due to the fact that of the three winners they've had in the last two years (2010's event ended in a draw) two have been, chromosomally, Double-Xers.

Now, do you have what it takes to eat as many hot dogs as possible in a mere 10 minutes? The Original is looking for you to sign up. All they ask of you is that you ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts, whether they choose to pay you $1 or $5 for every dog you consume. Only serious eaters, intent on raising at least $50 for the event's beneficiary, Children's Hospital Travel Fund, need to apply. To compete, send an email here.
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The Original Dinerant

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