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Rogue & VooDoo's Brew; Coppia's Pairings; A New Community Kitchen

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COLLABORATIONS: WWeek got to preview the new brew from Rogue Ales — a collaboration with VooDoo Doughnuts called the Maple Bacon Ale. And the early verdict? Not so great! Among the comments: "If they wanted to make this taste like a bacon maple bar — the bacon isn't particularly smokey, it's the salt that stands out. So it misses the mark in addition to being a foul abomination." For those still curious, though, the brew will be available for purchase beginning this Saturday, at the Rogue pop-up store on SE Ninth Ave. [WW; Official site]

PEARL DISTRICT: Eat Beat has the first MenuWatch report from Timothy Nishimoto's newly re-branded Coppia (aka the Pearl restaurant formerly known as Vino Paradiso) — and most notably, chef Aren Steinbrecher's menu features a suggested wine pairing for every single dish [.pdf], from antipasti to dessert. (The one lone beer pairing: a Menabre Piedmont amber paired with a pureed white bean soup.) [Eat Beat]

NE ALBERTA: A new community kitchen has popped up on NE Alberta, next to the Alberta Street Market and just a short jaunt down from the Bye & Bye: First Harvest: A Craft Community Kitchen is offering its 1,100-square-foot kitchen space to start-up food businesses "interested in using the kitchen for half-day or 6 hours per week." Cost starts at $40-50 per hour, on a sliding scale. []

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