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Here is the Not-So-Secret Kenny & Zuke's Secret Menu

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Ken Gordon has a secret, y'all. The denzien of downtown deli Kenny & Zuke's had been cryptically hinting all over the interwebs that the pastrami-laden spot had a "secret menu" soon to be revealed on the DL, and last week, it was available on the official website for about five seconds before being taken down. "These items are not so much secret as things that our staff like to throw together, or that customers often ask for," Gordon prefaces. "We thought we'd finally compile them into an off-the-menu list, which, I guess, becomes a menu. And since we don't really give out this list at the deli and you have to know about it from looking on our site, or someone else's site or blog, I guess that qualifies it as secret. Sort of."

And since Eater qualifies as "someone else's site or blog," a tipster has helpfully sent the thing in — downloadable in .pdf form here. Among the hangover-friendly menu items: A "miracle meatloaf mushroom melt" served grilled on white bread; mac and cheese with chopped pastrami, grilled zucchini and tomato; and an "'80s late-night" chili omelette topped with cheddar and sour cream.
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Image of Kenny & Zuke’s courtesy star5122 via Flickr

Kenny & Zuke's

1038 SW Stark St., Portland, OR

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