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NYC Gets Portlandiaized


As former Portlander Matt Lightner readies his TriBeCa restaurant Atera for its March opening, the New York Post decides to give New Yorkers a primer on this whole foraging thing — and as Eater NY notes, the results seem ripped right out of a Portlandia sketch. (Think lines like "When I'm running into spider webs with my face constantly, that's when I know black trumpets are around.") Oh, and some details about Atera, for the curious: The 17-seat restaurant will serve two prix fixe seatings per evening (for about $150 per person), and Lightner will "concoct high-concept dishes in a state-of-the art lab/kitchen housed downstairs. A variety of herbs growing from a 'living' wall in the restaurant will also provide ingredients." [NYPost via Eater NY]