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Speculation Time: What's WWeek's Restaurant of the Year?

Willamette Week's annual Restaurant Guide drops on October 24, and just like last year, the alt-weekly is throwing a "Secret Supper" at its newly crowned Restaurant of the Year — the night before the issue hits streets (Tuesday, October 23). The location remains under wraps until the day of the dinner itself, but the official announcement/call for reservations provides its share of hints: Unlike last year's $43 celebration (at casual barbecue spot/2011 ROY Podnah's Pit), this year's $100, four-course dinner suggests it's at a more upscale establishment. Cocktails will be provided by Campari, and a quick Google search reveals two bartenders frequently linked to the aperitif: Evan Zimmerman (of the Woodsman Tavern) and Dave Shenaut (formerly of Riffle NW); of the two, the Woodsman received a more favorable WW review.

Then there's this tidbit: A tipster writes in to report that a WWeek photographer spent a couple days shooting at NE Alberta's Aviary, capturing dishes during a recent dinner service. Considered the rumors mongered. To the comments!
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