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Ox to Represent at Eater Eve, an All-Star Tasting Event

Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement: This November, Eater will host the third-annual Eater Awards in New York City, feting the best chefs, restaurants, and industry talent across the nation. As usual, a lineup of 10 all-star chefs from the hottest restaurants in the country will fly in to cook for the occasion at the Bowery Hotel — including, it shall be noted, Portland's own Greg and Gabrielle Quiñonez Denton, of new 2012 hotspot Ox.

And should you happen to be in New York City the second weekend of November, a new event has hit the calendar: The night before the awards, all 10 chefs will cook their dishes for the public at a tasting event we're calling Eater Eve. The event — Sunday, November 11, from 6 to 9p.m. — will feature mind-blowing dishes from each chef, plus an open bar and, obviously, the chance to witness miracles. Tickets are available here.
· Eater Eve [Official site]