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Absinthe Sprays and Ice Cream at Laurelhurst Market

In celebration of Eater's first-ever Cocktail Week, bartenders at five PDX hotspots agreed to shake up a special Eater Cocktail, just for us (and you — they're available on the menu all this week). Every day we'll highlight a new creation: First up, Laurelhurst Market's Eric Nelson

A cocktail named "Farewell to Paris" conjures up a ritzy European vacation, but longtime Laurelhurst Market bartender Eric Nelson, an Alaska native, went back to his roots for his special Eater cocktail. Though the drink is an homage to Fernet Vallet (an amaro with herbal and cinnamon notes), its holiday-inspired ingredients hark back to Nelson's cold-weather tradition at home: "In Alaska, we all make our own Kahlua," he says, with trips for the holidays involving "drinking Kahula and coffee."

To craft the drink, Nelson shakes whiskey, Kahlua, and Amontillado sherry along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (like an alcoholic milkshake). Once poured, the drink is finished with an absinthe spray, then topped with Coca-Cola and a Jacobsen-salted cherry. The finished product is "rich and decadent, but still very adult," Nelson says — and it's available on the LM cocktail menu this week, for $9.
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Laurelhurst Market

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