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Teardrop's Sean Hoard on Cures-About-Town

Ever the professional, Teardrop Lounge bartender Sean Hoard offered up a variety of suggestions, depending on what time of day it is, what meal you're craving, what part of town you might find yourself in, and most importantly, back-up plans when Ha & VL runs out of soup. Behold:

For coffee: Barista in the Pearl or Coava on SE Main are two of my favorites.
For food: Ha & VL hands down. If I can wake up early enough, there's nothing better than ph? for breakfast. The menu changes daily and they're closed on Tuesday; my favorite days to go are Wednesday and Sunday. If you go on Wednesday get the Curry Noodle Soup and if you go on Sunday get the Turmeric Noodles. Typically I'll drive over to Coava, grab a coffee, eat soup at Ha & VL, and on the way out, get Bánh mì sandwiches to go from the counter for lunch.
For when you're outta luck at Ha & VL: I like Fuller's in the Pearl or Olympic Provisions in NW. Fuller's is a classic diner with an old-school counter and great people watching. They get you in and out and the food is perfectly greasy. OP is a bit more laid back and relaxing; I always end up spending way more of my morning there than I mean to.
For when you've accidentally slept past brunch: If you've really slept in or it's a late-developing hangover: Little Big Burger. That place is great for dousing an afternoon hangover.

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