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Kask's Mark Macminn on Dramatic Eggs and Overshakes

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In celebration of Eater's first-ever Cocktail Week, bartenders at five PDX hotspots agreed to shake up a special Eater Cocktail, just for us (and you — they're available on the menu all this week). Every day we'll highlight a new creation... today, we check in with Kask's Mark Macminn.

It must be that time of year: To create a cocktail that combined both holiday flavors and last grasp toward warmer weather, Kask bartender Mark Macminn — who's lived in Nashville and Austin — mixes up a "Southern Exposure," a nod to pisco. For each cocktail, Macminn separates an egg white ("an egg can be such a dramatic thing in a cocktail, if you're going to put one in, you might as well put one in," he says. "It grabs people's attention immediately.") before adding lime, agave syrup, Fee's Old-Fashioned bitters, pisco, and Clear Creek pear brandy. After an initial shake to mix the egg and liquid mixes, "then we really shake it up," Macminn says, noting a personal tendency to splatter his ingredients all over the bar. "When I first started here, I had the entire wall, ceiling — I think I still have some splatters on the ceiling."

After a vigorous shake and strain, the cocktail lands in a glass with an additional sprinkle of Old-Fashioned bitters on top. The cocktail's available at Kask this week for $9.
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