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Inside Radar Restaurant, Now Open on N. Mississippi

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[Avila, 12/18/12]

Don't call it a soccer bar. Radar Restaurant made its debut earlier this month in a long-vacant spot on N. Mississippi Avenue, and contrary to earlier reports of its soccer bar status, the American tapas spot is a 36-seat, full-service restaurant that just happens to show some soccer games — on unobtrusive televisions. According to co-owner Lily Tollefsen, whose father had owned a seafood restaurant on Long Island since 1969, the new-American menu reflects "the way we like to eat," she says. "For Radar, we wanted it to be a comfortable, communal environment, and I think tapas lends itself to that." (The name itself comes from her father, Skip Radar Tollefsen; and a prominent ship painting in the room is a transplant from his LI restaurant.)

A long bar/dining counter gives guests a front-row seat to the open kitchen, where Tollefsen's husband Jonathan crafts small-plates like baby octupus with hummus and chive oil; pork and cotija grits; and catfish with fennel, apple, and squash. (The full menu is downloadable in .pdf form here.) Cocktails feature Radar's house-made tonic water (with the "Radar Standard" simply combining tonic with Beefeater). According to Tollefsen, the spot hopes to add brunch service in the new year.

Radar's hours of operation: 4p.m. to 10p.m., Tuesday to Sunday.
· Radar [Official site]