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Portland's 10 Most Notable Restaurant Closures of 2012

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Image of Corazon courtesy Avila/EPDX

Portland's storyline of the year focused on the slew of splashy, successful openings. But the city also saw its share of unfortunate shutters. As we begin revving up our Year in Eater coverage, here are the 10 most-eulogized and/or buzzworthy, in no particular order:

· Lauro Kitchen (2003-2012)
· Eastmoreland Market & Kitchen (2008-2012)
· Corazón (May 2012-August 2012)
· Carafe Bistro (2003-2012)
· the Typhoon! chain (1995-2012)
· Kin (2010-2012)
· Market (July 2012-November 2012)
· BridgePort Ale House (1996-2012)
· Legin Chinese Restaurant (1995-2012)
· D-Street Noshery (2010-2012)

RIP. Leave your final farewells — to these and others — in the comments, and see you back here on Wednesday. Until then, have a great holiday!