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Weird Ice Cream, Best Coffee: 2012's Most Read Posts

What stories attract the most reader eyeballs? Is it a big, splashy opening? Intel about a hotly anticipated restaurant? What about definitive guides to the best eats and drinks around town? In the case of 2012, it was all of the above (plus some hot chef action): Here, the list of the top nine most read Eater posts of the year:

9) A Guide to Portland's Most Unusual Ice Cream Flavors [June 29]
8) Introducing Jamison, Now Anchoring Jamison Square [July 2]
7) The 11 Best Booze Events to Kill Your Liver in June [May 25]
6) Announcing the 2012 Eater Award-Winners for Portland [November 11]
5) Introducing Vitaly Paley's Imperial, Opening Wednesday [September 10]
4) Behold the Hottest Chef 2012 Final: Gourdet vs. Paredes [February 16]
3) Portland's 20 Best Coffeehouses and Roasters [September 5]
2) Portland's Most Anticipated Fall Openings [September 4]
1) The 17 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes in Portland [July 18]

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