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Will Preisch to Depart Bent Brick; Menu Revamp Ahead

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Scott Dolich's NW "tavern" the Bent Brick is about to get, well, more tavern-like. The Oregonian breaks the news that chef Will Preisch — whose menu featured modern, experimental takes on local ingredients, earning a spot on the Eater 38 — will depart the Bent Brick kitchen in February, with plans to travel and stage at various restaurants. With his departure will come a "more traditional menu" with house-made sausages the conceptual focus.

The shift toward pub-grub accessibility, according to Dolich, reflects customer demand. This summer, Dolich — also the owner of the in-transition Park Kitchen talked to Eater about the difficulty of managing diners' expectations at the Bent Brick: "We're never going to please everybody, but the people who do walk into the restaurant, we make every last effort to make sure that they're happy. But believe me, I get asked once a week, 'When are you going to put a burger on the menu?'" Per the O, there are still no plans to add a burger. More information as it becomes available.
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Image of Preisch courtesy Avila/EPDX

The Bent Brick

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