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And Now, 10 Portland Restaurant Missed Connections

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Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love is on the menu for these lonely people sometime soon.

10) MISSING HER FRIESGirl at Dougfir missing her fries - m4w: You were with your two friends and called me over to see if I had seen your fries : ) I was in a blue jacket with a friend sitting across from you. I wished we had talked more and am kicking myself for not wasn't about the fries! If for some crazy reason you see this....lets chat!

VDscreendoor1.jpg 9) THE GUY WITH THE DRAGON TREE TATTOO: Cute Waiter at Screen Door - w4m: I was the redhead sitting with a large group of friends. As I was leaving I asked you about the tree tattoo on your arm. Wish we'd had more time to chat. You showed me yours, I'll show you mine...

VDsaraveza.jpg 8) MAYBE I CAN MAKE YOU GIGGLECaught off guard at Saraveza - w4m: Hey. So, God knows if you'll ever see this, but on Tuesday afternoon you followed me outside and complimented me and asked me out for a beer sometime. I was totally taken aback, and went into auto response mode. I'm not seeing someone. Do you still want to grab that beer? You had a beard and baseball cap, I had a red plaid jacket and dark hair. You flattered me into shock, good sir! Maybe I can make you giggle about this.

VDKiller.jpg 7) WE WERE BOTH PROBS ON DATES: Killer Burger 5:45PM 2/11 - m4w: You: tall, beautiful woman, great ass, probably on a date, but noticing me noticing you. Me: otherwise engaged, definitely on a date, sitting in corner noticing you. Sorry to stare, but you are striking. Can we please meet?

VDdutchbrox.jpg 6) PLAYING A BRASS INSTRUMENT Dutch brothers dready guy... this is the silver tie. :) - m4m: I almost slipped your name on here, but decided against... however, i DO think you have a nice smile, and would like to invite you out for a while. you thought a certain brass instrument i played was "hot." if you can tell me what it was, i will make you dinner... or buy you dinner. your call :) thanks for the bevvie... it kept me up a while.

VDtarboush.jpg5) TELL ME WHAT I HAD TO EATBeautiful Waitress at TarBoush - m4w: I met you at that little bar to pay for my delicious meal. You seemed shocked at the change. I didn't think much of it at the time but your face is stuck in my brain on this valentines day. Should i go back today? If you read this. I doubt it, but if you read this. Tell me what i had to eat. Tell me what you instructed me to eat. All of this on Monday. I faced the street. It was the afternoon.

VDblossomlotus.jpg4) EXPRESSIVE EYESBlossoming Lotus - m4w: The food was amazing, but it wasn't the highlight of my evening. Your eyes were. They were so expressive as you talked with your friend while waiting for a table. I tried not to keep looking your way. Then you seemed to be looking my way as I stood outside saying goodbye to my friends. And you smiled. If it wasn't my vivid imagination and overly wishful thinking . . .

VDpeets.jpg3) LOST IN THOUGHTPeet's on Hawthorne, Wed. afternoon - m4w: The sky was bright gray. You sat by the window writing. Your hair & clothes were black, your skin fair. I sat across the room with a cap & mustache & a notebook of my own, wondering what you were writing about. You seemed lost in thought & left before I got up the courage to come over there to disturb you. I tell myself this was thoughtfulness rather than cowardice on my part, but I can't say that's completely true. Regardless, it would be nice to run into you again.

VDschmizza.jpg2) SHORTEST FIRST DATE EVER Blind date gone awry? - m4w (Pizza Schmizza): Earlier tonight you were on what I assumed to be a blind date with a guy in a wheelchair. My friends and I were sitting at the adjacent table and couldn't help but overhear the shortest first date I've witnessed. That guy sounded pretty self-righteous. Good luck in the future. I'd like to think not everyone is that callous in this town.

VDmississippi-marketplace1.jpg1) THE BABY'S NOT MINE: Tall Fellow at Prost food pod - w4m: You were sitting solo at a table waiting for a....burrito? go. I was waiting for Koi Fusion yumminess....pushing a stroller, containing a very cute baby, who...does not belong to me. Alas, I am but his nanny, and the Boston Terrier belongs to him. I was accidentally staring at you....ummm...were you staring at me too?

(All awesome V-Day clipart courtesy Webweaver.)
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