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Bunk Sandwiches Teaming with ChefStable for Expansion

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Image of Bunk's SE Morrison location courtesy camknows via Flickr

Two of Portland's empire builders are teaming up to take Bunk Sandwiches to the next level. Eater has confirmed that Bunk's Tommy Habetz , Nick Wood, and Matt Brown have joined forces with ChefStable's insanely ubiquitous Kurt Huffman to expand the brand, possibly to other cities. The Bunk-ChefStable collaboration is currently considering options for a new location — with possibilities that include expansion to LA, Chicago, and/or more Bunks in Portland. (Though "probably not one in each city," says a rep. "Not necessarily one in each").

No concrete timeline has been set for any future expansions, though Eater has heard rumors of a possible second Bunk Bar in downtown Portland's West End. (Bunk's reps would not confirm any specific locations, local or otherwise.) Bunk already has three Portland locations — the original shop on SE Morrison, the Central Eastside's boozy Bunk Bar, and its newest location, on SW 6th, which opened in October 2011. Either way, expect more to come from Team HabWoHuff — more information as it becomes available.
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Bunk Sandwiches

621 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214