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Sorenson on Woodsman's Phase 3: Beer Hall in the Works

The Woodsman Tavern's having a good week: In addition to national accolades from GQ magazine, the Oregonian dropped its own positive review yesterday, which mentioned plans for the Woodsman to expand into another space behind the restaurant, for "a beer and sausage hall" concept. (PoMo also reported about the project here.)

Woodsman owner Duane Sorenson (also the mastermind behind Stumptown, for those blissfully ignorant of the ways of Portland) confirms that the casual beer hall represents "phase three" of the Woodsman empire. (The second part, the artisan-focused Woodsman Market, debuted in December 2011.) "It's a 5,000-square-foot spot behind the tavern and market that will become the Woodsman Hall," Sorenson says. "[Imagine] a big open space with exposed brick, old growth wood beams, fire pit, and 'beer hall'-style tables." According to Sorenson, the opening is still "a year off," so file that one away and stay tuned for updates as they happen.
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Image of the Woodsman Tavern courtesy Facebook

The Woodsman Tavern

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